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Pasta & Risotto

Oricchiette der Fava
Ear shaped pasta with italian sausage tossed in broad bean puree and pecorino cheese.
Spaghetti al Nero e Crostacei
Black inked spaghetti with baby prawns, king prawns, freshly chopped tomatoes, chilli, garlic and white wine.
Taglierini alla Crotonese
Thin egg pasta with N'duja (soft spicy calabrian sausage) white wine on artichoke puree topped with ricotta cheese.
Garganelli dei Poverelli
Egg tube pasta with aubergine, courgettes, peppers, tomato sauce topped with roasted pine nut kernels.
Risotto al' Granchio
Arborio rice with freshly chopped tomatoes, garlic, fresh crab meat, paprika and tarragon.