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Vanilla, chocolate
Tartufo nero
Truffle shaped zabaglione & chocolate ice cream, rolled in crushed hazelnut & dusted with chocolate powder
Sorbetto al limone
A whole natural lemon skin, filled with lemon sorbet
Home made cake of the Day
Home made cake. Please ask your waiter for today's flavours
Panna Cotta
Home made panna cotta made with fresh cream & milk. Ask your waiter for today flavours
Tirami Su'
A light spunge base soaked with coffee, topped with mascarpone cream, dusted with cocoa powder
Irish coffee
Double shot of Irish Whiskey, italian coffee brown sugar and double cream
Espresso £2.90
Cappuccino/Double espresso £3.50
Caffe Latte £3.50
Selection of tea £2.90